The Plague Star

The Appearance of the Plague Star a green and purple star shining in the south skies notes the beginning of the Plague upon Meyan, and Tarneus taking seat upon the pantheon of Meyan as god of disease.

Constellations shine in the sky to represent the current pantheon of Meyan, it is thought that if the stars dissapear so would the gods.

The Great Plague of Meyan

Like wildfire the Great Plague spread throughout Meyan infecting nearly half the population and killing by the end about 1/3 of the population. The source of this disease was divine as Tarneus made his mark upon Meyan by first infecting a high priest of Nestraden by the name of Maxwell, then using his disease filled body to poison the Life Well. The Plague spread through the rivers, then the crops and soon more were infected than not and there was no apparent cure.

The War of Gods

The War of Gods was a time when an alliance was forged by many gods hoping to overturn the balance of power in the pantheon of Meyan. This alliance including the gods Baythlir, Larilath, Dozeker, Pargoth Loz, and Tarneus. These Gods brought open war upon the planes of Threma.

The Chosen of the Gods

There were heroes that god’s chose to defend the pantheon and keep their stake in the heavens. Gren Durmane, Markus Longbow, Murin Dawnstar, Acronis the ward of Fuay, Sorun Emeraldgaze and one who cannot be remembered. These heroes rampaged through the heavens bringing the fight to each of their alliance’s dieties home in effort to find and stop Tarneus and his plague upon Meyan.


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