War of Fear

During the second age of Meyan, followers of the newly ressurected Larilath awoke the Avatar of Fear which lay dorment in the Unforgiving North. These priestesses then formed an army from the many cults of Omet and with this army and giant avatar of the Lord of Fear waged war upon Meyan. Nearly bringing all civilizations to surrender.

Fall of the Stars

The Fall of the Stars is an event that happened to end the War of Fear. At a place known as “Last Stand” Arch-Magii Shaelyn Anarimma called forth all his power and channeled that of his brother to shatter the skies. With a loud crash shards of space and stards fell over all of Meyan shredding and destroying everything. This single act of magical supremacy forced away the armies of Omet and victory was found for the alliance of man, elf and dwarf whom shortly after formed The Republic of Dergath. With this act however, the Arch-Magus of Tower Shaelyn was lost to the world.


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