Meyan, our home

Meyan is a lush planet comprised of two rather large continents and several oceans and bodies of water. This place has existed for many ages not long forgotten, and is filled with plant life and creatures of all sorts.

It is said that a magical weave created by the being known as Acledala surrounds and permeates this world making magical and planar travel possible.

The world of Meyan has been threatened several times in recorded history including the rise of Omet god of fear which concluded in an event know as the Fall of the Stars when Arch-Magii Shaelynn Annarima stopped the armies of Omet by seemingly shattering the skies. An age later with the arrival of Tarneus and the plague this evil god of disease despoiled the Life Well and successfully invaded the Cradle of Life. It was the heroes of the War of the Gods in conjunction with the heroes of New Fulani that were able to defeat the Plague Lord and his master Tarneus.


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