Scarring of the Sky

The cataclysmic event that occurred 60 years after the war of the gods.

It is known that ancient gods known as the Old One “Krix-Tan’Qua” and the Deep One “Zolzuxulak” were awakened in this world in an apparent effort to destroy all of Meyan. The hatred and faith of the cultists revived these long sleeping gods and the cataclysm began. Zolzuxulak arose from deep beneath the oceans this monstrous being brought with it the dark ones. Zolzuxulak moved across Meyan to the Deybeth Peninsula where it began to swallow the Quaren lands crushing and sinking any opposition. The Quaren people fled their ancient home land in terror. Zolzuxulak campaigned across the south bent on destroying each and every settlement along the coasts. Thousands lost their lives as Zolzuxulak consumed all that lay before it without discrimination.

It seemed that the Deep One was only the beginning. As terror, fright, and insanity came to a crescendo the dark ones held their attacks. Krix-Tan`Qua, the Old One, regained its strength and shattered the bonds of it’s astral prison. Horns bellowed and all beings stood in awe as crimson clouds began to appear and swirl in the skies. Brilliant arcs of lightning crackled across the sky as the veil between this world and the astral plane was sundered. From the dark clouds, bunches of tentacles appeared over all the temples of Meyan. Chaotic energy swirls about these tendrils as they they tore asunder these sacred places.

In this time of great tribulation, the few beings that still drew breath united. Banners of Dwarves, Elves, and Humans of all cultures gathered in the planes of Cardenon to face this great evil head on. These armies marched out to meet Zolzuxulak and an armies of evil men too afraid to stand for what was right. These armies met head on and a great battle ensued for days. The armies of Meyan fought valiantly and the tide of battle shifted in the favor for what could have been the final day of the battle. Then, at sunset, what appeared to be the mountain ranges to the south began to move. It was Zolzuxalak the deep one, this creature of unimaginable size made way to the battlefield. Thunder crashed as the beast emitted a bone rattling roar that shook even the most seasoned warrior to his core. Valiantly the Armies of Meyan charged into battle attempting to shake the fear that gripped them. The Deep One brought war upon Meyan like never before imagined… Within moments all that stood against him had perished. Tens of Thousands died in horrible ways, many falling upon their own blades to avoid the insanity, torment and grotesque end that faced the soldiers who charged ahead of them. Those that fell became shadows of themselves losing all that was once good about them. Simply gazing upon Zolzuxulak was enough to drive a man to insanity. As the battle came to a close, nearly every combatant had been shred to pieces, driven away or slain and changed into abominations of evil.

This day, was the last day the sun was seen setting upon Meyan for 10 years. A day after this horrid battle, for no reason known to man, Zolzuxulak returned to the seas, and Krix-Tan`Qua returned to what astral plane. Chaotic storms brewed in moments and lightning crackled in the sky putting Meyan in either dusk, or pitch black darkness. The stars can not be seen and the temple of the gods lay shattered. This cataclysm was the beginning of the dark ages of Meyan.

The Rise of Peace

Over the next decade Meyan suffered greatly, people huddles into dark towns fearing what evil lay outside there borders. By the blessings of the gods or some unknown heros, the world slowly transformed back to a normal more habitable state. The darkness faded and prosperity began to rise once more.

(incomplete writings)


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