Elven Nation of Elemiire(ele meer)
The Elemiire are watchers of the sky, chosen of the great elven nations as the oracles and diviners. It is uncharacteristic to see a lack of patience or understanding within the Elemiire. This nation is ran by a handful of houses, each house head is part of the council that governs all Elemiire and those within their lands.

House Anarriima (an au ree ma)
Aramos is the representative for the house Anarriima. He is slow to anger and speaks in calm precise words. The House anarriima is known for their fine works of art and sculptures. Anarriima is easily the weakest house combat wise but gains such respect for their works of art that it means little. Members of this house have deep blue eyes and any range of hair color.

House Un’Lath
The house Un`Lath is known for their expertise in wizardry. It is them in fact who are the most powerful house of thhe nation Elemiire. Their influence in magic goes beyond simply the elves. Their Representative Tharimian Un`Lath runs the High tower of Sorcere in the city of Starmantle just north of the Gulthmere Forest. Members of the house Un`Lath have flowing green eyes and deep black hair. Owns Wizard Tower Tharimaen

House Soronuume (So ro nah yume)
The house Soronuume is in general made up of priests and priestesses of the Elven nation. The ones who wish to take up blade and armor become Paladin or Divine Seekers. Their representative is in fact the oldest elf of the Elemiire nation. This house has a slight jealousy and spite of Un`Lath for until 20 years prior Soronuume was the most powerful House of Elemiire until Ina their high priest passed on leaving her son Eniamon, a young paladin friend of Hanmyong Un`Lath to lead the house in the council. Those of this house in general have green eyes and silvery blond hair.

House Telumendel (ta loo men dull)
Telumendel is the smallest house of all Elemiire. Their family is easily picked out by their deep black eyes and light, even for an elf, bodies. Telumendel means the silent ones. This house is just that. They keep close eyes upon every house of the nations and their enemies. It is clear they wish for little or no power in the council. Members of this house pick up the pieces.. they are the ones the elven nation looks to when matters must be dealt with in a subtle manner. Aos Telumendel represents this house in the council and for the 5 years since his election he has yet to say a word in each meeting.

House Ah`Lar


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