The Pantheon of Meyan

Many gods have graced the pantheon of Meyan over the many ages of the world. Many of these gods have been forgotten, others have died. It is known that there beings that are called gods are not the oldest, nor the first beings to reside upon Meyan.. Will they be the last?

Threma (Existence)

A story of Creation

In years not marked by man a being formed. This being is and was exhistence while nothingness at once. Within this being was a spark, a thoughtn and with this thought the creation of 4 beings, his childer. Born at the same time each awaited their father’s naming. The first name was given its most wistful daughter and named her Shalea. Second exhistence called upon its most temperamental and passionate son and named him Tshur. Thirdly nothingness and exhistance at once called upon its son strong headed yet terribly jealous of Shalea for not being named first, and named him Almea. Lastly Threma looked upon its daughter whom sat calmly aside waiting her naming and reflecting upon what has happened, naming her Meyan. He named these 4 together his elements.

After the naming, Threma in its indifference gave each of its 4 children a single gift. Firstly to Meyan he created an orb of existence a great rock where only his strength could move. To Almea, Threma gifted water, a lifegiving essence, tranquil and calm until quelled and destructive at her very will. To Tshur Threma gifted with fire ever burning in the center of Meyan must like his father Threma. And lastly to Shalea he gifted the skies, endlessly spanning over Meyan. Threma gave birth once again to another spark, twins. He named them Fuay, the evergrowing, and Acledala, the indifferent. Upon creation these two infused with everything created, becoming the essence of Existence.

Upon Meyan, Fuay(time) created day and night, with the aid of Acledala moving the orb about the everburning spark within Threma. Seeing this, the elements became jealous and began spawning their creations.

The Old Ones

The Old Ones do not actually have priests or Clerics or followers really. They are known in records and little more. It is thought that they sleep until woken by the error of mortals

Threma “The Infinite”

Little is known about the being that is Existence. Scholars question is Threma is an intelligent being or the process of everything working together. Others say that Threma is the fabric of existence and those that travel beyond the Material plane are simply traveling to other portions of the great one known as Threma

Rakluoth “The Deep One”

Rakluoth is said to sleep deep within the oceans of Meyan, never to be woken except to take part of the destruction of all worlds. It is thought that Rakluoth in some manner is responsible for the swallowing of Quaren and the Scarring of the Sky. Others feel that something or someone must have hindered the being because ancient texts speak of Rakluoth as unstoppable and the swallower of worlds.

Kael`Phepari “The Great Old One”

Kael Phepari is only known in ancient text and to those whom have delved far too deep in the knowledge of the dead particularly the life-cycle of deities. Kael`Phepari may not even be the true name of the Great Old One, it is known however that the Black Hand summoned forth the Avatar of Kael’Phepari during the Last stand. This avatar was described as a mountain that moves, bringing forth pure chaos and destruction. All that stood it it’s way died. It is thought that Kael`Phepari is responsible for the appearance of Dark Ones upon Meyan.

The Greater Elements

The Elements are not subject to mass worship as the Greater and Lesser Deities. Druids and ancients however to hold reverence towards the Elements. They all, with the exception of Acledala and Acronis, a being once known as Fuay, live upon the Elemental Plane that crashed together during the apocalypse sending waves of chaos through the cosmology of Meyan.

Shalea “The Essence of Air”

Tshur “The Essence of Fire”

Almea “The Essence of Water”

Meyan “The Essence of Earth”

Acronis “The Essence of Time”

Acledala “The Weave of Magic”

The Greater Gods

There are not many greater deities left in this world as the faith of the masses has been shaken to it’s core. Below are the deities who would still be considered “Greater Deities”


The Pristine Scale, The Father of Dragons, The Lord of Air

Symbol: A Drake flying over the world

Dozeker is the revered god of dragons, sorcery, archery, and the air. Dozeker is arrogant, yet rightfully so as his powers are vast and quite strong. Those of his blood (dragons and sorcerers) naturally give homage to Dozeker as their lord, however quite a few of the best archers give prayers to the Lord of air before loosing their arrows. It is Dozeker who created Shaelu thus claiming creation of magic itself. He and His followers have no love for wizards. Clerics of Dozeker pray as the sun sets upon Meyan. 3e info Clerics of Dozeker can multiclass freely as sorcerer.

Dozeker urges his followers to lay claim to all Meyan as it is their right. Knowledge and Power are the keys to the entire world. Dragons are to be feared and respected for their power and knowledge. Magic is only a tool worthy of those whom have the blood of the brood within them. Purify the weave by destroying knowledge and power of the Councils (wizards and followers of Shaelu). Obey ranking clergy for they speak the words of Dozeker.


The Arch Mage, The Indifferent, The Lady of Magic

Symbol: An Opened hand inside 5 stars form a pentagon

The diety of wizardry, Saelu (shay-lah) was created by Dozeker to serve at his side. Over time she rebelled and gave Meyan the gift of wizardry to those disciplined enough to learn. Saelu is often depicted as a beautiful woman with long white hair clad in deep purple robes. Few follow her as she often seems uncaring about the happenings of the world, other than the spread of knowledge.

Saelu asks little of her followers other than proclamation of magic as the all binding force of Meyan and spread of knowledge to the common place. Followers of her are expected to take up an apprentice at one point in their life and teach them of the weave.


The Tranquil, He of Six Arms

Symbol: A six-armed being sitting in meditation

Xun Appears as a bronze skinned humanoid with 6 arms and a third eye of wisdom. Xun shuns meaningless violence promoting law and a tranquility in life over war and meaningless a aggression. Xun claims Omet and Larilath as his son and daughter.

Transcendence can only be gained through tranquility. To transcend one must be of clear thought. Cloud not thine mind with anger, hatred, war, fear. These are the ways of folly. To be like the lotus floating down the rivers stream is to find transcendence. Tranquility is pacifism; tranquility is thought, and meditation. To follow the tranquil is to look for every non violent means possible. Only when no other options arrive shall the tranquil enter battle. Even in battle we are to be calm, ever in thought, ever aware. To move swiftly with purpose is the way of Xun. Pain, suffering, and torment are not the path towards transcendence. Be not foolish, open thine mind. Be not ignorant of the past, learn. Knowledge is the key to truth; truth is the key to life. To be tranquil is to be like Xun. Through meditation, dreams and constant thought one shall unlock worlds of wisdom vast as the sky. Art, music, and poetry are to be cherished, for the discipline required to create. Working the lands and providing for some are means of meditation towards transcendence. Be wary however of chaos. Chaos spurns destruction, anger, hatred this is not the way of Xun. To be like Xun is to never want, want turns to greed, greed leads to the paths of chaos. Seek thine needs; meditate upon the present and past

The Lesser Gods


The Mother of All, The Forest Watcher, The Goddess of the Elves

Symbol: A great oak tree shading all of Meyan

Lumnare is depicted as a beautiful elven woman with glowing green eyes. She is often garbed in a cloak of leaves, wielding a golden scimitar, and simple wooden shield covered in runes. Sometimes she is riding or accompanied by a white stag.

Mothers are to be revered for without birth there is no life. The forests are sacred and to be protected with your last breath. Fear not the storm for destruction is the beginning of creation. Cherish your life, and learn to love as it is perhaps the greatest gift Lumnare could ever give to Meyan.


Forger of Souls, Dwarf father, The Stone Hammer

Symbol: Hammer and Horn

he creator of dwarves, Dallof is depicted as a bronze skinned dwarf of powerful build wielding two glowing war hammers. Dallof forged the dwarves out of the stones of Meyan and breathed life into his servants.

To defend the dwarven people is an honor worth dieing for. He teaches his followers to live by honor and good. Smithing, Engineering, and Strategy are the ways of Dallof. To fight with honor and fall is no shameful death and to be honored. Evil is not to be Tolerated, crush the followers of Targoth the evil one. Let every be a quest to perfect your trade.


Slaughter, The Lord of Chaos

Symbol: The Axe and Spiked Gauntlet

Targoth is Dallof’s twin brother. He is depicted as a twisted dwarf, wearing glimmering chain mail armor, and wielding an bloody Great Axe. Targoth took the clay of life which the dwarves were made from and made the Orcs, Goblins, and other creatures under the mountain.

Prove your merit in battle, for it may be your last. The strong rule until the weak overthrows them and become the ruler. Bully the weak, for they exist for your amusement. Heed your leaders until you can prove they are the weak and you strong. Battle is chaos; in chaos you find there is only one truth… Kill or be killed


He that is the Light

Symbol: A Golden Sun

Nestraden is rarely depicted as anything more than the rising sun. Few if any records of him assuming human form have been found. No deity has taken a hit to their faithful as Nestraden since the scarring of the Sky. Once the greatest of all the gods, few temples can be found to He that is the Light, and even fewer priests to lead the faithful.

All who live upon Meyan owe tribute to Nestraden. He that is the light brings us warmth and a new day. Followers of Nestraden are to destroy all evil with their whole being. The Lord of the Sun smiles upon Meyan, let us smile back.


The Lord of Fright, The Blind One, The Ruler of the South, The Father

Symbol: A upturned eye bleeding red blood.

Omet is depicted as a giant bi-pedal with 4 arms and spines running down his back. On his face are scars where his eyes used to be, his upper two hands are large and claw-like, while his lower two are smaller and more dexterous claws. He is usually shown slightly hunched over displaying the thousands of spines on his back.

Fear is thine strength. Your fear will keep you alive, to become stronger. Let those whom do not follow the Lord of Fright shiver and hide as the sun sets. Let those who follow Omet dare know true horror that they may spread his word through their actions. Do not forget that it was Lumnare and Dallof’s cowardly act that removed the Father’s eye, seek them out as the wretched hounds they are.


The Mistress of Dreams, The Betrayer, The Spider Maiden

Symbol: A six-armed elven mistress weilding the web of dreams and dagger of death

Layrlath is depicted as a nude pale skinned elven maiden beyond mortal beauty with shimmering blue hair and six arms. Her hands hold two daggers, an outstretched whip, and the “web of dreams”.

Dream long and sweet my children for our redemption comes. Our brother rises in the south and we lay still in eternal darkness. Forget not those who chastised and banished us to the cold darkness under the land. For not all whom have been cast out we are their mother. Weave a web of lies and deceit lest thine enemy know your true weakness.


The Healer, The Forgiver, The Blessed Star

Symbol: The Rising Sun

Dawnstar is depicted as a wise cleric wearing platemail. He is often depicted healing the sick and the plagues. It is thought that Murin Dawnstar was granted godhood for his ever faithful service of Nestraden during the War of the Gods.

Bring your sick and weary for I shall heal them. Turn away that that is evil and fight the un-life brought upon by necromancy. Darkness no matter how deep and hopeless is always followed by the rising sun.


The Lord Knight, The Golden Haired Hero

Symbol: A greatsword pointed to the sky

Vaelyth is depicted as a strapping golden haired knight wearing full platemail raising his great sword to the sky.

Let Justice, Honor, Chivalry and Valor be thine code of life and follow it to the end. Help those who are too weak to help themselves, defend thine self with honor and seek justice above all the corruption of Meyan.


The Tyrant

Symbol: The Cat o Nine tails

Baythlir is depicted as a tall bald man wearing Heavy platemail. In his left hand he wields “Tyranny” A scaly black whip, in his right he weild “Ruin” a glowing battle axe. His eyes areblood red, and his face dark.

Rule the weak for their better, lash those that come against you. Meyan is filled with fools and corruption, with the whip brings them all to their knees. In war we bring peace to the world and beyond. Fear not death for the Tyrant does not let the strong perish.


The Traveler

Symbol: A winding road vanishing off in the distance

Daenn is depicted as a traveler ever looking forward. He wears a dull brown cloak, carries a pack, and leans on a quarterstaff.

Travel far and wide for the world has more wonders than one can imagine. Keep your feet about you for you may never know where you end up. Always look forward to a brighter tomorrow no matter how dark and long the night seems.


The Storm Warden

Symbol: A Whirling Storm

Alagos is depicted as a Archer wearing deep blue firing arrows of lightning into the sky.

In the quiet before the storm many will rise against us. So quickly does man forget the power of the water, and the boom of thunder. Our lord is patient but in an instant his fury can be instigated, and as the storm he lays waste to the unfaithful.


The Mother of the Ton, The Provider, The Blessed One

Symbol: The Cornucopia

Thistle is depicted as a female Halfling wearing leather armor, wielding a curving shield and a shortsword. Her feet are bare and behind her are often young children, or whomever she is to be protecting.

Life is to be enjoyed, blessed be the bounty. Love thine family and friends, share with them for we are all one. Protect your people to your very last, and Thistle will protect you, with all her might.


Sufferance, The Arch Lich

Symbol: A weeping Child

Hanmyong is depicted as a white haired elf with dark red almost blackened skin. He is often wearing a black robe, holding a large spell book. His eyes are a glossy green.

In undeath true power shall be discovered. Study long and find ways to cheat death, it will bring you power even the towers of Meyan cannot withstand. The world shall be your slave.


The Golden Drake, The Dragon Knight

Symbol: A Knight with dragon wings

Durmane is the god of dragons of good. He has lead many charges against the followers of Dozeker and has even stood toe to toe with the Pristine Scale.

Strength and Magic. Utilize the tools that were given to you to find true enlightenment. Do not fear the wizards nor the drakes for the Golden Drake is ever watchful always protecting those whom serve him.

Pargoth Loz

The Warlord

Symbol: A Sword and Helm

Pargoth Loz is depicted a great general a tactician wielding sword and shield. He has lead the charge in nearly every war in spirit and sometime physically.

Bring war upon those that war upon you. Serve the strong and tactical to protect that which you love. Destroy your enemy without mercy without hesitation. He who draws blood first gains favor in the eyes of the Warlord.


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