Manamven Un`Lath

Manamven Un`Lath Nightmare Walker


Manamven Un`Lath
Un`Lestiir (Dark Elf) Fighter/Wizard/Dream Walker

Height: 5ft 6in
Weight: 135 LBS
Skin: Burnt Dark Red (nearly black)
Eyes: Green
Hari: Long white dreadlocks

Weapon of Choice: Greatsword


Manamven Un`Lath was once the younger brother of Hanmyong Un`lath, the necromancer whom resurrected the goddess of nightmares and dreams Larilath.

Early Life

Manamven was a noble member of House Un`Lath when it was still a part of the Elven Nation Elemeer. Manamven was characterized as ever hopeful and kind hearted. As a child he trained tirelessly in hopes of becoming a Paladin of Lumnare the elven goddess. However the ancient rules and tenants of the elven nation forbid a noble of the Elven house of the Arcane (House Un`Lath) from joining the church of Lumnare. The High Priestess of Lumnare, member of House Un`Lath’s rival house (Soronuume) invoked this ruling on the day that Manamven was to officially join the church. This news devastated Manamven. His outlook became more and more jaded and his tone much more negative.

Ascent to Darkness

At the young age of 30 (very young for an elf) Manamven instead focused his energy and emotions into blending martial and arcane training. As his brother Hamnyong ascended to position of Tower Magus, Manamven aided his brother in a quest for dark and hidden secrets. It was when Hanmyong with the help of an unwitting party of adventurers collected a set of artifacts to resurrect to goddess of nightmares that Manamven was the chance to serve the dark queen as her ward the Dream Walker.

The Curse of the Dark Elves

Shortly after the resurrection of the goddess of Nightmares, House Un`Lath was cursed by the High Priestess and her wards for the creation of necromancy and the resurrection of an evil goddess. Lumnare cast down the House of Un`Lath and marked them with dark ember to blackened skin and stark white hair.

Waking Dreams

Manamven now blessed with divine power from Larilath Manamven traveled between the Material plan and dream realm doing the will of his Queen. His mission was to find other dream walkers and turn them to her path. He found one such dreamwalker in the city of Dah`Kura of Aek-Dorith. A Ton(halfling) who did not fully understand or realize her power. His attempts to turn her were met with aggression by her companions. Manamven made several attempts but was unable to successfully turn the halfling mostly due to the divine protection brought upon by a priest named Murin. Murin saw visions of Manamven’s true nature and never condemned him, even though Manamven himself knew he was beyond saving.

The War of the Gods and Manamven’s Redemption

Manamven served the side of the Queen of Nightmares during the war of the gods. It was in the realm of Nightmares where he watched as the Goddess of Nightmares ripped the heroes of Meyan to shred. In a monumental moment Manamven turned away from his dark path and fought with the heroes to defeat Larilath. In that moment, Murin Dawnstar High Priest of Nestraden offered Manamven Atonement. Manamven accepted and returned to the underdark in the material plane.

Manamven’s Return to the Underdark

Manamven returned to the Underdark and began gathering those Un`Lestiir (Dark Elves) who’s hearts were not wholy evil. It is thought that he plans some sort of exodus.

Manamven Un`Lath

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